Friday, May 20, 2011

ArtFire and Etsy Features!

Some of my original, handmade jewelry, bags and boxes are featured in a collections on both ArtFire and Etsy at the moment!

First, one of my recycled denim brooches is featured in a collection over on ArtFire. The collection is "It's a Jeans and T-Shirt Kind of Day" and it features some great handmade items for those casual jean days.

Over on Etsy, I have items featured in several collections today.

First off, I have a small zippered clutch bag featured in the "Friday's Favorites" treasury by All Things Tangled, a Handmadeology member.  This treasury features items from Etsy shops that have few than 10 sales.  What a generous act by All Things Tangled!  The treasury is also featured on the All Things Tangled blog!

Second, I have another small zippered clutch bag featured in a treasury by malibuquilts called "Can You Hold This, Please?". If you need a new bag, purse, wallet, tote or gadget case, you should definitely check out this great collection!

Another one of my small zippered clutch bags was featured in a treasury by VitalTemptation called "Plums, Hearts and a Frog Love :)". VitalTemptation is another Handmadeology member.

VitalTemptation featured one of my new treasure boxes in a treasury yesterday: "Light in the End of the Tunnel".

My box is in the third row, third from the left. I haven't blogged about the boxes yet but I will post more information on them soon!

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