Tuesday, May 1, 2012

STATTEAM Spotlight Seller for May 2!

Happy Tuesday! We are getting closer to Final exam time and the end of the semester. If I can survive all the stress that happens at this time of the semester, it will all be good soon!

I just found out today that I am the STATTEAM (Self Taught Artist Treasury Team) spotlight seller for tomorrow! Super cool! There's a nice post on the STATTEAM blog about it. You can check out the post here: STATTEAM Spotlight, 5-2-12, featuring PolkadotPossum. What fun!

Here's a fairly new item I added to my shop recently:

It's a small silk paper bowl that features decorative stitching and lots of hand beading.

Hope everyone has a great week going on!

©Polkadot Possum (Cindy Harwood)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Score (or sell) Some Handmade Goodness!!

Okay, I realize I have been conspicuously absent lately. This semester has really kicked my butt but it's nearly over! Finals are next week and then I'll be (mostly) free until the fall semester! Woot! Of course, I have to get grades in for like 1000+ students between now and next week, but no biggie!

On a more artsy note, Handmadeology is hosting a handmade auction over at Tophatter on Mother's Day! Here's your chance to score some handmade goodness from loads of artists and crafters all around cyberspace (and the world)! Check out the information over here at the Handmadeology website! Clicking on the graphic below will also get you there! Just do it! I know I'll be in the audience!

©Polkadot Possum (Cindy Harwood)