Friday, December 18, 2009

Remains of the Day Class

Okay, so it's been awhile. Life caught up with me and passed me by but I'm trying to get back into control again. I've managed to get the twins half-way through first grade so maybe it will be smoother sailing for awhile.

I've just started taking a brand new on-line class from Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from LA. The class is called "Remains of the Day" and it is journal-making at its finest with paper, fabric, stitching, ephemera, etc. Mary Ann is a great teacher. I have taken two other classes with her and I really enjoy her style and quirky sense of humor. Hopefully I will get around to posting some of the works in progress from her previous classes that I took in the summer.

Our first assignment involved making a scrappy cover for our new soon-to-be-made journals. I used a piece of home decorating fabric that I had overdyed as my cover base fabric and I machine appliqued tapestry, silks and other fabrics to it to make a scrappy chic looking cover. I even made a tie closure with tapestry fabric and several different types of yarns. Then I free motion stitched over parts with fuchsia rayon thread. YUMMY! Here are some pictures but the colors are a bit washed out. I took these in artificial light.