Monday, April 28, 2008

If it isn't broke . . .


Shelby has broken her arm! The reason: Cheerleading!

Well, not really. It's true that she has started cheerleading at a local cheerleading gym. It's also true that she was attempting a cheerleading maneuver when said break occurred. But the two were entirely separate. She was attempting a running cartwheel in the living room (against house rules, I might add), without the knowledge or aid of any adults. She twisted and landed wrong. One should also mention that she has not yet mastered a regular cartwheel, let alone starting one at a run. The fun never ends in a house with two four-year-olds!

A broken arm certainly hasn't slowed us down any! Last weekend we attended the Mushroom Festival in Mansfield, Indiana. I bought a (very) small bag of morels at the auction. Here we are with our booty (and our brand new Purdue sweatshirts)!

We saw an old grain mill.

And one of Parke county's famous covered bridges.

The view from the bridge's windows was great!