Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Friday

Happy Friday!

I've spent the last week cooking and using up left overs. Over the weekend, I made stock using a frozen baked chicken carcass which has been in my freezer and a smoked turkey carcass left over from Christmas dinner. My stock pot is large but not huge so I had to cook the stock in two batches. I got 8 quarts of stock that is now languishing in the freezer!


With the some of the left over smoked turkey from Christmas and the last two quarts of chicken stock left over from my last stock prep, I decided to make Mexican Chicken (Turkey) Soup. I use the Barefoot Contessa's recipe from her book Barefoot Contessa at Home. It's so yummy! The DH and I had soup for dinner, I have two lunch portions in the fridge and two quarts waiting to go in the freezer!



We also had no less than seven way over-ripe bananas in da house. I've been thinking of making banana bread for awhile, so now was the time! I made two loaves of banana bread from the American Heart Association Cookbook. One sprouted legs and headed straight to the freezer. The other is going to be eaten over the weekend.


©Polkadot Possum (Cindy Harwood)