Sunday, March 20, 2011

And the Work Continues . . .

It's been a busy few days in the studio! I'm still trying to get my Etsy shop stocked so I've been working on more Remains of the Day type of journals.

These aren't really true Remains of the Day journals the way Mary Ann Moss teaches in her online class. I am using Mary Ann's techniques for the covers; however, I have decided to make the pages with a more neutral character. So instead of sewing lots of fabrics and printed papers and ephemera onto the pages, I only added fabrics from the cover and some hand inked watercolor papers to the pages. I have also included some hand-dyed watercolor pages in the signatures. This way the journals can be used by anyone for any topic with out a predetermined style being force on them.

Here's the first journal hot off the press!

Handmade Journal Book Album - Sunset
The cover is made from some upholstery fabric I found on the bargain table at JoAnn's and over-dyed to make it more interesting. It was as modern type of print with a cream/tan background. I was really pleased with the way the result. I pieced this with some silk scraps, yarns and other trims.

Handmade Journal Book Album - Sunset
The back of the cover.

Handmade Journal Book Album - Sunset
Here is one of the hand-dyed water color pages and a plain drawing paper page decorated with hand-inked watercolor paper.

Handmade Journal Book Album -Sunset
More inking goodness!

A close up of the free-motion stitching on the cover. The pictures don't do the colors justice. That green silk is a really great acid green and the silk right below it is a great orange sherbet color. It's really difficult to get complementary colors to photograph well together. Of course it probably doesn't help that the orange is one of those two-toned fabrics - you know, where the warp and the weft threads are different colors.

I added beading to the ends of the binding threads to give it that extra bit of fun. I'm LOVING this journal!!!!


Briana said...

Wow! Great colors and texture. Congrats on a beautiful ROD journal!

Cindy H said...

Thanks, Briana! They are sooooo much fun! Unlimited possibilities.