Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Fun!

NOTE: From now until March 31, 2011 I will donate 100% of all sales in my Etsy shop to the American Red Cross for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsanumi relief.

Well, I've been busy working away in the studio now that my teaching is done for the semester. As a result, I've got a number of new items in my Etsy shop. Some of these are new designs and some are old favorites.

You've already seen my latest Remains of the Day journal from my previous post:


There are some new girlfriends in the house!! These were really popular when I was living in Illinois and had work in the Illinois Artisans Shops. These are Girlfriend Pins:




I love making these and each one has her own unique personality. They are all handmade using hand-dyed cottons or commercial cottons. Arms, legs and heads are made from glass and/or wooden beads (all hand stitched). Hair is made of yarn. They are wild and crazy girlfriends!

Finally, one of my new designs is a recycled denim heart which is hand beaded and hand embroidered and decorated with spray inks and acrylic paints.
These can be worn as a pin or brooch . . .


. . . or as a pendant.


Gotta go now - more work to do!

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